Bruce Fereday started Tax Pro-Utah brings many years of experience in the business field. He started helping individuals with their Personal Taxes. He saw that there was a great need of well prepared tax advisors, that were willing to work with decency and ethics, without causing problems to his clients.

Throughout the years people came to our office with problems that they were having with the IRS. He took the time to help solve their problems. from that time he decided to spend time to learn more abut taxes and help not only individuals but also people with their Businesses.

Now he can help you either a persona or a business that needs their taxes done. He is registered with the IRS to help you answer any questions or problems that you may have.


Bruce graduated with a Backelor of Business Administration and Management. He also is certified as a Tax Advisor.


Help our customer to be financially aware of their assets. Help them to be up to date with the local and Federal government. To have an open communication of their finances so they can reach their financial goal.

Our Service

You can be sure that you will receive the most professional and more caring service in our offices. We care about your success, and money is part of it.